What is a Telescopic Ladder?

A telescopic ladder is built in the same way as a telescope, with the outer sections that are designed to slide into itself and make the ladder smaller and easier to carry and store. The telescopic sleeves have a complex locking system built in to ensure that the ladder remains upright as you climb. The […]


Thinking of building your own place this year? Head over to the self-build Ireland show next month, February 17-19th in Belfast. For more details follow the link below. Belfast SelfBuild Show


Can I Rest A Ladder Against My Gutter?

Resting your ladder against the gutter is not recommended. Most gutter systems nowadays on modern houses are plastic and are not strong enough to take the weight of your ladder and you as you rest against it. Even older style metal gutters may not take your weight. Best not to risk it. What you need […]


The Xtend+Climb telescopic ladder is one of our best selling ladders – check the video link out above to see why. We’ve got the 4 sizes in stock so if you’re looking for a ladder from 2.6m, 3.2m, 3.8m and the all new 4.4m ladder. Visit the telescopic ladder range today.


Keeping Those High Ceilings Cleaned And Maintained

High ceilings are beautiful and add huge amounts of character to your new build or home restoration project. But often simple things like keeping your ceilings clean or even changing the bulb in the ceilings are overlooked. These downsides aren’t always apparent when looking at flat architects drawings, but the moment you walk into your […]


Thinking of a Self Build, Visit The Homebuilding & Renovating Show

  The trade show season is about to start in earnest with the National Homebuilding & Renovating Show coming up in the NEC between March 26-29th. Now in its 25th year, the show is a great place to get ideas for your new extension or self-build. Over 500 suppliers will attend this year as well […]


Xtend+Climb Pro® Telescopic Ladder Review

There is nothing quite like the convenience of having a mini-tool box in the comfort of your own pocket. It’s like having a whole sturdy ladder in your car trunk that isn’t “mini” at all. If you’re a professional handyman, electrician, utility guy who goes around and relying on higher surfaces or flimsy home ladders […]


Safety First Putting Up Your Christmas Lights

On Channel 5 last night was a TV programme on ‘Britain’s Craziest Christmas Lights’. If you didn’t see it, then click on this link (UK only) and watch it on Channel 5 On Demand. The show follows 4 families around the UK who ‘trim up’ their homes with the most incredible amount of coloured lights […]


10Way Multi Purpose Ladder Review

The 10 way multipurpose ladder is an excellent, cost effective 4 section hinged ladder. A great all in one ladder that helps save you money as it does the job of several. Use it as an a-frame ladder, straight single section extension ladder, a work bench or step ladder. It takes up a lot less […]


How Long Does my Ladder Have to be to get onto the Roof Safely

You should always have at least 1m (3ft) clear of the roof line if you’re planning to get onto the roof safely. The 1m length is waist high and this forms a handhold for you when you get off the ladder, and again when you get back on to it. If you didn’t have that […]