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Combination Ladders for High Ceilings

Featured Article – Keeping Those High Ceilings Cleaned & Maintained

High ceilings are beautiful and add huge amounts of character to your new build or home restoration project. But often simple things like keeping your ceilings clean or even changing the bulb in the ceilings are overlooked. These downsides aren't always apparent when looking at flat architects drawings, but the moment you walk into your new home you look up and notice the light fittings far out of reach of not just you, but your step ladder. It's only then that you might start thinking about how … [Read More...]

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Latest Videos Now Showing on YouTube Channel

Just a quick post to tell you all that we've just uploaded new videos to our YouTube channel on a range of bestselling ladders. Two weeks ago we went out with the cameras and got lucky with the fine weather and we were able to shoot demo video for a number of ladders, step ladders and accessories. Take a look today, they show many more details than our images can and seeing them in action shows just how good the ladders are. But, don't just take our word for it though, go check … [Read More...]

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How To…

An image of a Single Section Roof Ladder

How to Use a Roof Ladder

Roof ladders are a specialist ladder for working on roofs. You’ll recognise a roof ladder as it has a large hook on the top end, which is used to hold it in place on the central ridge. The stiles of a roof ladder are lower profile than standard extension ladders, because the weight needs to […]

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Garden Ladders

Get gardening this summer with a new garden ladder from ladders-online.com

Ladder Reviews

DIY 10 Way Multipurpose Ladder

DIY 10 Way Multipurpose Ladder Review

The DIY 10 Way Multipurpose Ladder is a new addition to the ladders-online range of ladders. It’s a 4 section ladder with 3 rungs in each section and fitted with stabilizers at both ends to give you complete stability from sideways movement when you climb up and down the ladder. Naturally this is a great […]

DIY Scaffold Tower

Light Trade Scaffold Tower Product Review

The Easy Reach Scaffold Tower is ideal for jobs around your house especially if you’re planning on being up a ladder most of the day. Ladders are designed for short jobs, certainly not more than 30 minutes at a time. If you’re planning to paint the back of your house, replace the guttering, or work […]

An image of the trade extension ladder review

Trade Extension Ladder Product Review

Our trade extension ladder range is second to none. Top quality and British made and available in double and triple sections. It’s a box section ladder, which is strong enough for trade users to use on a daily basis and ideal for a range of jobs including building work, roof work, satellite installers etc. You’ll […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

An image of the Ladders Online Delivery Man

Will I be able to receive a full refund for returned ladders/stepladders?

Q – Will I be able to receive a full refund for returned ladders/stepladders? A – Unhappy with the product you’ve just bought from us? If so, call us and we’ll initiate a return. We’ll give you all the information you need to return the ladder to us. You’ll need to pay for the postage […]

LadderMat being used on a ladder

Do the Working at Height Regulations (WAHR) apply to DIY users?

Q – Do the Working at Height Regulations (WAHR) apply to DIY users? A – In short the Working at Height Regulations do not apply to DIY users. But, there is nothing wrong in using the advice to help keep you safe. For example, the WAHR states that you shouldn’t use ladders if you’re doing […]

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