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Get Inspired At This Year’s Ideal Home Show Earls Court March 14th-30th

Thinking of putting an extension on your home or a have a bigger project in mind still? Then why not head over to the UK’s biggest home show at Earls Court for this year’s Ideal Home Show March 14th-30th. With hundreds of stands and dedicated areas showcasing the best of interiors, home improvements, technology and gardens, there’ll be more than enough on offer to whet your appetite. The Ideal Home Show started out in 1908 when it was founded by the Daily Mail as a way to increase publicity for … [Read More...]

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No Let Up in Sight for UK’s Continuing Wet Weather

The UK is still in the grip of the worst run of wet weather in recent memory, with England having the wettest January since records began in 1766. No let up for those hit by flooding, as rain continues to pour down with gale force warnings and heavy rain expected for the rest of the week at least. We’re used to rain living here in Wales, but the amount of rain, sleet and hail we’ve seen over the past few weeks has been extraordinary, even for us! With fresh warnings of further storms and snow to … [Read More...]

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How to Use a Multi Deck Platform

The 5 Way Multi Deck Ladder and Platform is a great combination ladder that gives you a ladder that covers 95% of all the jobs you’re likely to do at home. You can convert it from a regular extension ladder into a work platform like the one pictured above. The platform is great for painting […]

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How can I transport my ladders?

Q – How can I transport my ladders? A – Take a look at this post, ‘Can you drive on a motorway with a ladder attached to the roof rack?‘, where this question has already been answered. If you’d like more help or information about ladder accessories, then call sales today on 0330 123 1135. […]

Can You Turn Extension Ladders Into Roof Ladders?

Can you turn extension ladders into roof ladders?

Q – Can you turn extension ladders into roof ladders? A – Yes you can. We sell a ladder accessory called a Roof Hook Kit, that converts most standard extension ladders into a roof ladder. Ideal for occasional access to your roof to replace missing tiles, etc, a roof hook kit is a sensible investment. […]

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What brands and types of ladders do you sell?

Q – What brands and types of ladders do you sell? A – We sell many leading brands of ladders and access equipment including Pinnacle Ladders, Summit Ladders, Horizon Ladders, Little Giant Ladders, Xtend+Climb&Reg;. We also sell ladders made by Abru, Hailo, Dolle, Henchman, Manthorpe and SafEscape, Kletterfix and Safelincs. We’ve just launched a new […]

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Ladder Reviews

Madrid Loft Stairs

Madrid /Lisbon Loft Stairs Review

The Madrid and Lisbon loft staircases are an open style wooden stairs. They are ideal as an upgrade for your existing staircase or for getting more light into your stairwell as the light will flood through the open treads. They’ll also make a great entrance for a loft conversion or mezzanine floor in place of […]


Alufix Concertina Loft Ladder Review

The Alufix concertina loft ladder is designed for small loft hatches (from 500 x 600mm) or loft spaces that have a very little storage space available to store a loft ladder. It’s also perfect where loft hatches are positioned against a wall offering no storage space. If you’ve got a loft hatch like this, then […]

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