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Mobile Scaffold Towers

Ladders-Online Feature – Mobile Scaffold Towers

Fingers crossed that this good weather we’re all having isn’t our summer, and hopefully there is still more to come! This time of year is always great as the gardens burst into flower. The long summer evenings mean you’ve got time to enjoy your garden when you get home in the evening. But it’s not all about just enjoying your home and garden, maintaining your home is one of the things us homeowners also need to consider, after all for most of us our house is the greatest investment we’ve got. At … [Read More...]

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Latest Videos Now Showing on YouTube Channel

Just a quick post to tell you all that we've just uploaded new videos to our YouTube channel on a range of bestselling ladders. Two weeks ago we went out with the cameras and got lucky with the fine weather and we were able to shoot demo video for a number of ladders, step ladders and accessories. Take a look today, they show many more details than our images can and seeing them in action shows just how good the ladders are. But, don't just take our word for it though, go check … [Read More...]

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Garden Work Platform in use to trim the hedge

How to Use a Garden Work Platform

A Garden Work Platform is a brilliant, safe way to keep your hedges cut trim during the summer months. It’s also useful for many other garden jobs in and around your home. The garden work platform is a simple steel platform with 2 pneumatic tyres at one end and two flat stands at the other. […]

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Garden Ladders

Get gardening this summer with a new garden ladder from ladders-online.com

Ladder Reviews


Alufix Concertina Loft Ladder Review

The Alufix concertina loft ladder is designed for small loft hatches (from 500 x 600mm) or loft spaces that have a very little storage space available to store a loft ladder. It’s also perfect where loft hatches are positioned against a wall offering no storage space. If you’ve got a loft hatch like this, then […]

10Way Multi Purpose Ladder

10Way Multi Purpose Ladder Review

The 10 way multipurpose ladder is an excellent, cost effective 4 section hinged ladder. A great all in one ladder that helps save you money as it does the job of several. Use it as an a-frame ladder, straight single section extension ladder, a work bench or step ladder. It takes up a lot less […]

DIY Scaffold Tower

Light Trade Scaffold Tower Product Review

The Easy Reach Scaffold Tower is ideal for jobs around your house especially if you’re planning on being up a ladder most of the day. Ladders are designed for short jobs, certainly not more than 30 minutes at a time. If you’re planning to paint the back of your house, replace the guttering, or work […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cheap Loft Ladders Necessary Bad Loft Ladders?

Are cheap loft ladders necessarily bad loft ladders?

Q – Are cheap loft ladders necessarily bad loft ladders? A – There is no sense buying cheap products, they won’t last nearly as long as a more expensive, better quality product that is designed to be used over many years. We would never encourage you to buy a cheap or poor quality ladder because […]

Extension Ladder

How far can I extend my double or triple extension ladder?

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