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Combination Ladders for High Ceilings

Featured Article – Keeping Those High Ceilings Cleaned & Maintained

High ceilings are beautiful and add huge amounts of character to your new build or home restoration project. But often simple things like keeping your ceilings clean or even changing the bulb in the ceilings are overlooked. These downsides aren't always apparent when looking at flat architects drawings, but the moment you walk into your new home you look up and notice the light fittings far out of reach of not just you, but your step ladder. It's only then that you might start thinking about how … [Read More...]

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Latest Videos Now Showing on YouTube Channel

Just a quick post to tell you all that we've just uploaded new videos to our YouTube channel on a range of bestselling ladders. Two weeks ago we went out with the cameras and got lucky with the fine weather and we were able to shoot demo video for a number of ladders, step ladders and accessories. Take a look today, they show many more details than our images can and seeing them in action shows just how good the ladders are. But, don't just take our word for it though, go check … [Read More...]

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Garden Work Platform in use to trim the hedge

How to Use a Garden Work Platform

A Garden Work Platform is a brilliant, safe way to keep your hedges cut trim during the summer months. It’s also useful for many other garden jobs in and around your home. The garden work platform is a simple steel platform with 2 pneumatic tyres at one end and two flat stands at the other. […]

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Garden Ladders

Get gardening this summer with a new garden ladder from ladders-online.com

Ladder Reviews

Madrid Loft Stairs

Madrid /Lisbon Loft Stairs Review

The Madrid and Lisbon loft staircases are an open style wooden stairs. They are ideal as an upgrade for your existing staircase or for getting more light into your stairwell as the light will flood through the open treads. They’ll also make a great entrance for a loft conversion or mezzanine floor in place of […]

Xtend+Climb Pro Telescopic Ladder

Xtend+Climb® Telescopic Ladder Review

Ladders Online started selling the Xtend+Climb telescopic ladder in 2003 and to this day it has been one of our best selling ladders. Why is this? Possibly one of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that it is so well made and handy to store away after use. Most ladders take up tons […]

Kik Step

KikStep™ Stool Review

Made from steel, the KikStep™ comes in two sections that simply snap together to form a solid two step unit. This is the original Ronco design, often copied but never equaled! It comes with 3 non-marking castors that are sprung so that it glides across smooth flooring until you step on it, and then the […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using a ladder makes me nervious so what should I do?

Using a ladder makes me nervous so what should I do?

Q – I need to paint my house but when I climb the ladders they tend to slip making me very nervous. What should I do? A – If you’re looking to paint your house, then you probably shouldn’t use a ladder. You’d be better off using a scaffold tower. Scaffold towers are always preferred […]

Why do some ladders have rungs higher than the rung that says "do not go higher than this rung"?

Why do some ladders have rungs higher than the rung that says “do not go higher than this rung”?

Q1) Why do some ladders have rungs higher than the rung that says “do not go higher than this rung”?

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