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Step Ladder Ladders-Online Feature

Ladders-Online Feature – Step Ladders

August is a busy month for homeowners especially with the garden blooming in the good seasonal weather we're having at the moment. Traditionally it's a great month to do many jobs around the house including some basic maintenance including painting and decorating. Without doubt, one of the best tools you can have in your garage or shed is a quality step ladder. We’ve got a wide range from basic steps through to steps with handrails and tool trays. It all depends what you are looking to do. Tool … [Read More...]

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Latest Videos Now Showing on YouTube Channel

Just a quick post to tell you all that we've just uploaded new videos to our YouTube channel on a range of bestselling ladders. Two weeks ago we went out with the cameras and got lucky with the fine weather and we were able to shoot demo video for a number of ladders, step ladders and accessories. Take a look today, they show many more details than our images can and seeing them in action shows just how good the ladders are. But, don't just take our word for it though, go check … [Read More...]

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How To…

An image of A Fibreglass Trade Step Ladder

How To Use a Step Ladder

Stepladders are quite commonly used for various purposes in industrial and domestic areas. A stepladder is basically a portable ladder which is self-supporting in nature. It has flat steps and hinged design that allows it to be stored easily. These ladders cannot be adjusted in length and are meant to be used by a single […]

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Garden Ladders

Get gardening this summer with a new garden ladder from ladders-online.com

Ladder Reviews

DIY 10 Way Multipurpose Ladder

DIY 10 Way Multipurpose Ladder Review

The DIY 10 Way Multipurpose Ladder is a new addition to the ladders-online range of ladders. It’s a 4 section ladder with 3 rungs in each section and fitted with stabilizers at both ends to give you complete stability from sideways movement when you climb up and down the ladder. Naturally this is a great […]

Ladder Wall Brackets

Ladder Wall Brackets Ladder Accessory Review

The ladder storage brackets are ideal for storing your extension ladder away when not in use. Much better than leaving your ladder on the floor where it can trip you up. The wall brackets are also lockable, so they make a great theft deterrent as well. With just a couple of screws in each bracket […]

Xtend+Climb Pro Telescopic Ladder

Xtend+Climb® Telescopic Ladder Review

Ladders Online started selling the Xtend+Climb telescopic ladder in 2003 and to this day it has been one of our best selling ladders. Why is this? Possibly one of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that it is so well made and handy to store away after use. Most ladders take up tons […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

An image of a Ladder Mat in use

What are the best ladder accessories to buy?

To get the most out of your ladders or step ladders you’ll want to get a couple of ladder accessories. The most important ladder accessories we sell are those that make your ladder more stable. Ideally all ladders should be secured at the top of the ladder and the bottom to stop sideways slipping at […]

Image of an Amigo Fire Escape Ladder

Where is the best place to store a fire escape ladder?

Q – I have just purchased a brand new fire escape ladder and I was wondering what the best place to store it was? A – The best thing to do when you get your new escape ladder is to check it works, is the right length and find out where you plan to use […]

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