What are the best ladder accessories to buy?

To get the most out of your ladders or step ladders you’ll want to get a couple of ladder accessories. The most important ladder accessories we sell are those that make your ladder more stable. Ideally all ladders should be secured at the top of the ladder and the bottom to stop sideways slipping at the top and slipping at the bottom. Using a LadderMat will help  you to keep your ladder upright and reduce slipping. A LadderMat also helps the ladder from sinking into soft mud, something that would be a disaster if you are at the top of the ladder if this happened. Also using a LadderMat means you won’t need to find someone to stand at the bottom of your ladder, also called ‘footing a ladder’.

At the top of your extension ladder you should use a Ladder Stand Off accessory. This attaches easily to your ladder with a couple of nuts and bolts and works by spreading your weight across a much larger width, nearly 1m, compared with just 30cm of the usual width of a ladder. This means that you will twist much less while up the ladder and more importantly you will notice that the whole ladder is more stable.

Other types of ladder accessory that will help you are the tool pouches so that you can store your tools on a belt, rather than in your back pockets or in your hands! When you climb your ladder, you need your wits about you, so do yourself a favour and put your tools, screwdrivers, etc into a tool pouch. The most important thing when you are out and about using ladders is to use your common sense and take your time to get your gear ready before rushing out to do a job, then slipping or falling as a result of not being prepared. Ladder accessories are designed to help you get more from your ladders, whether they are extension ladders, step ladders or any other kind of ladders.