Using a Madrid Loft Staircase to do your own Makeover

Madrid Loft StaircaseThe Madrid loft staircase is one of our most popular selling items. Why? Well it’s a simple wooden stair comprising two stringers and treads with everything cut and prepared so all you need do is glue the treads into place and then fit the stair. We’ve had customers write and tell us how easy it was to put the stair together. It’s not surprising then, especially as it is supplied unfinished, ready for varnishing or paining to fit exactly your home colour scheme.

Taking advantage of your home and getting the most floorspace out of it is a real priority for most UK families right now. It’s expensive to move, especially with the stamp duty, and for the price of moving you could upgrade your home and put in a bit of wow factor. Take a look at our range of spiral staircases for the ultimate wow, especially as these are also a DIY kit designed for people comfortable doing their own DIY, to fit themselves.

For inspiration on opening up your loft space, or if you’re ambitious and thinking of creating a mezzanine floor space, then take a look at these staircase examples on the website.

Our favourite from the link above is the New York Urban Retreat or the stylish Stockholm apartment. But there are plenty of examples to inspire you. Let us know in the comments below what ones you liked best.