Use Even the Smallest Loft Hatch to Store Items in Your Loft

Use Your Loft Space - Concertina Loft Ladders from Ladders-OnlineLoft space is usually at a premium.

So much so that you might think about using the large storage companies that are in most big UK towns.

The only drawback is you’re going to be paying a monthly premium to store your things. And what if you need to access a box…it means a drive downtown to fetch it.

How much easier would it be, if the box you want is just above your head in that tiny bit of loft space the builders left above your kitchen. Before now, you’d not thought about it, because the hatch is so small that no loft ladder that you’ve so far seen, would fit.

But there are ladders out there that you can use to access small lofts. Our concertina loft ladder is one of them.

Built from heavy duty aluminium, this is a loft ladder that takes no effort to open or close, and you’ll find that you can easily climb it to put things away for the season or retrieve them quickly and easily.

Our concertina loft ladder comes from Dolle.

Dolle are a Danish manufacturing company that produce very high quality products.

Think Danish, think quality.

After all, it’s the land where Bang & Olufsen and Lego are from. Not to mention Carlsberg beer.

So when it comes to trusting a loft ladder to get you in and out of the loft, without any fuss, it has to be a Dolle ladder from TB Davies.

Best of all, this concertina loft ladder takes very little time to install. Can fit loft hatches as small as 500 x 600mm and has a swing clearance of just 470mm, so that it fits the narrowest of hallways.

Need more?

Here is the Dolle concertina loft ladder, available now at Ladders-Online on Next Day delivery across the UK.