What is a Telescopic Ladder?

A telescopic ladder is built in the same way as a telescope, with the outer sections that are designed to slide into itself and make the ladder smaller and easier to carry and store. The telescopic sleeves have a complex locking system built in to ensure that the ladder remains upright as you climb. The […]


The Xtend+Climb telescopic ladder is one of our best selling ladders – check the video link out above to see why. We’ve got the 4 sizes in stock so if you’re looking for a ladder from 2.6m, 3.2m, 3.8m and the all new 4.4m ladder. Visit the telescopic ladder range today.


Xtend+Climb Pro® Telescopic Ladder Review

[youtube=] There is nothing quite like the convenience of having a mini-tool box in the comfort of your own pocket. It’s like having a whole sturdy ladder in your car trunk that isn’t “mini” at all. If you’re a professional handyman, electrician, utility guy who goes around and relying on higher surfaces or flimsy home […]


Are telescopic ladders as safe as normal extension ladders?

Telescopic ladders have become very popular in recent years and we’ve sold tens of thousands of the Xtend+Climb® telescopic ladder. And the answer is yes, but only if you buy the right brand. Not all telescopic ladders are the same. We’ve had many new customers come to us to buy the Xtend+Climb® after buying a […]


Xtend+Climb® Telescopic Ladders

[youtube=] The Xtend+Climb® Pro heavy duty rated telescopic ladders are perfect for trade users or homeowners alike. Enhanced with ergonomic ladder stiles and a padded handle for easier transport, you can store the Pro virtually anywhere. Fitted with newly designed thumb tabs to give easier control over rung adjustment, you can easily open this collapsible […]