A Fitted Loft Ladder Makes A Real Difference To Home Life

For the third day in a row your partner has asked you to go up into the loft to get a box down…sounds familiar? This time though it isn’t a problem, because you’ve just fitted a wooden loft ladder, which now makes this kind of job a pleasure. A pleasure because the loft ladder now […]


What is a Telescopic Ladder?

A telescopic ladder is built in the same way as a telescope, with the outer sections that are designed to slide into itself and make the ladder smaller and easier to carry and store. The telescopic sleeves have a complex locking system built in to ensure that the ladder remains upright as you climb. The […]


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Can I Rest A Ladder Against My Gutter?

Resting your ladder against the gutter is not recommended. Most gutter systems nowadays on modern houses are plastic and are not strong enough to take the weight of your ladder and you as you rest against it. Even older style metal gutters may not take your weight. Best not to risk it. What you need […]


The Xtend+Climb telescopic ladder is one of our best selling ladders – check the video link out above to see why. We’ve got the 4 sizes in stock so if you’re looking for a ladder from 2.6m, 3.2m, 3.8m and the all new 4.4m ladder. Visit the telescopic ladder range today.