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Chelsea Flower Show
With the Chelsea Flower Show now on it’s time to turn our attention to the garden and getting it ready for the summer. All sorts of jobs await the keen gardener from weeding to lopping. Time to pull the weeds and plant your plants out. The popularity of gardening TV shows, radio talk shows and number of magazines devoted to gardening easily confirm that the UK is a nation of not just tea drinkers, but also gardeners.

Chelsea Flower Show is the perfect place to get inspiration. There’s just so many ideas and garden layouts in all shapes and sizes. Not every design will fit in your garden, but with applying some creativity you can update or transform your garden. And now that we’ve had a run of good weather, there’s no time like the present to get out there and make a start.


What to use in your garden to help get it in shape? Apart from being armed with some loppers and secateurs, you’ll need step ladders or something more substantial and built for the job. Orchard ladders are ideal for use in the garden. Wooden orchard ladders would have been a familiar sight in the countryside years ago, especially gathering in the fruit harvest of not just apples and pears but also damsons and plums. Now wooden ladders have been replaced by modern, lightweight tripod ladders that come in a wide range of sizes. Look out for those with adjustable legs, particularly if you have a medium to large garden that slopes or is just uneven. Using an adjustable leg will help keep your platform level and easy to work from.

One of our most popular ranges of garden ladders come from UK based Henchman, who make a wide range of garden products including Hi-step ladders as well as a log splitters and composting barrels. We’ve been supplying Henchman ladders for a number of years because they offer gardeners great value for money. Their product range is robust and long lasting. The Hi-Step platform range is more substantial than tripod ladders and offers a great work platform to work from, and you can regularly use these ladders year after year to keep your garden in shape.

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