Are telescopic ladders as safe as normal extension ladders?

Xtend+Climb® Telescopic Ladders

Telescopic ladders have become very popular in recent years and we’ve sold tens of thousands of the Xtend+Climb® telescopic ladder. And the answer is yes, but only if you buy the right brand. Not all telescopic ladders are the same. We’ve had many new customers come to us to buy the Xtend+Climb® after buying a cheap copy version on eBay. We only import the official Xtend+Climb ladder, and unless you’ve bought it from Ladders-Online or one of our trading partners, you have probably bought a copy and these are not safe nor recommended.

Xtend+Climb Telescopic Ladder storage position

Using a telescopic ladder has some great benefits over regular extension ladders and providing you buy an Xtend+Climb® ladder, you’ll find it’s as safe to use. The number one benefit is the storage space needed for a telescopic is much less. You can store it in a cupboard or in your car boot. Extension ladders on the other hand need a garage or shed where you can store them away. The telescopic can be used in small places, and all you need do is extend the ladder rung by rung till you’ve reached the height you need to get to.

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