The Hot, Bright, Orange Christmas Tree of Death!


Christmas is almost upon us, with the sounds of excitable children and an air of anticipation of what each present holds it couldn’t get any more exciting for us here at Ladders Online. As the last few orders of extension ladders for the year start to go out the door we start looking forward to next year and wondering if we will ever see summer again and just how many garden ladders we will sell during those 2 days of it. (British summertime joke) But mean while over in Australia they are already starting to sell garden ladders! In fact they are very handy for trimming up the Christmas tree!

So what has this enormous flowering tree got to do with Christmas? Well it is in fact a true mistletoe and belongs to the Australian mistletoe family Loranthaceae!  Commonly known as the Western Australia Christmas Tree, is extremely common and is not particular of soil type or even drainage providing it is not waterlogged for prolonged periods, nor is it specific to a host, as it will attach itself via a haustorial collar to extract nutrients from almost any host plant! Meaning it is in fact an extreme parasite that will even attack underground electric cables to short out the entire house, unless protected within a PVC pipe. But there is a reason for the name. This incredible tree as its name suggests tends to flower over the Christmas period and is often adopted as the Australians Christmas tree and we think it looks lovely (even though it is a parasite). While the thought of selling garden ladders even in the winter makes us smile, we will stick to living in good old Britain. Because we would just miss the green Christmas tree and yes even the horrible weather.

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