The Spiral Staircase That Has Age Limits!

Spiral staircases are always something that can make people smile or look at in amazement. Even our own range of self fitting staircases look amazing and can be a great talking point in any modern home. But the one we will be looking at today is a real jaw dropper. (in fact it has been known to cause heart attacks!) So what is 300ft tall and needs you to sign a disclaimer just so you can climb it. This isn’t mountain climbing, its spiral climbing! We fly over to see the stunning views of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou, China to take a look at the worlds tallest spiral staircase. It was built because the Chinese tourist officials in Linzhou, hope that this massive spiral stairs will give its visitors a truly amazing view and an experience of this incredible mountain range. It’s so tall in fact that it is said that when the wind blows it can bend and move by up to 3 foot in each direction, creaking, and with the birds flying past it can cause several people to feel very faint indeed. And to be honest it is simple scary looking but and also quite incredible all in one place. But just the thought of the staircases “creaking” and “bending” when we were halfway up makes us break out in a sweat.

We’ve got a brand new range of staircases from Arke (Fontanot) of Italy that come direct from the factory. As with all things Italian, they are very stylish, but also they are affordable. If you’re looking to fit a new staircase, be it a spiral, a space saver or even loft stairs, then give us a call on the number below today.

We’d love to get your comments and feedback. We’ve answered many of your frequently asked questions here on our blog and hope they help you. If not tell us your question here or give us a call on 0330 123 1135 today.

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  1. Reblogged this on michellegilstrap and commented:
    Staircases can be amazing, and I just had to share this one with my readers. I hope you enjoy the photos, I did.


  2. Thanks for sharing this staircase. I could not do it, bad knees, I avoid regular stairs. I feel like I take a trip around the world with my friends who blog and are on Facebook and share these wonders.


  3. rivasart says:

    And here I thought it was only in my imagination. That is amazing! Thank you for sharing!


  4. Oh please don’t knock down Charlotte’s Web on one of your old ladders because it may inspire someone to write a book someday. Bye, Carolyn Wagenseller


  5. Thanks for stopping by post to view my work on paper masks and posters. Creating art is just like going up and down a spiral staircase. When we artists are on an up swing, we hold the world in our palm. Alas for every “up period,” there is a drop down the staircase until we have latched on the next good idea. Staircase at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul c. 532 A.D. explains how long humankind has grappled with this question. Good luck on the steps of life, Carolyn W


    • Great words and thank you very much. Also I have to admit I really like the craft skills. Anything labeled DIY goes well in my books. Have a great Christmas and very happy new year.


  6. Yeah, and I have limits, too! Nothing that high, especially something that SWAYS! Yikes! When we were first married many years ago, we lived on the second floor of a very tall house near Chicago. When the wind blew, we could feel the house rock back and forth, quite creepy! On windy nights I was glad I was working nights at the nice, solid hospital!


    • That sounds very scary indeed. And who says a gentle rocking is like being back in the womb?!? (that saying was used in a train advert, as in the train rocking back and forth was like being safe and secure in your mothers womb – It was a silly UK advert)


  7. I liked this blog. I would love to go see this in person now…..gotta tell the hubby!


  8. Hey John your post is very informative.something like catching up on the wonders in the world.keep posting about such great stuff.


  9. I hate spiral staircases. They make me feel very disorientated as there is nothing to really focus on when climbing them. I once had a panic attack half way up the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I will def be giving this one a miss!


  10. Wow! I always thought I liked spiral staircases. Now, I’m not so sure…


  11. Tommie Blount says:

    Wow, now that’s an impressive set of Stairs, I think this is one instance where we can be relieved that it is not a ladder! LOL Great Post John!


  12. Not enough knee braces in the Western Hemisphere to get me up that thing…but very cool!


  13. Whoa. I think I feel vertigo coming on…


  14. I’m exhausted just looking at it.


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