Bob The Builders Power Lunch

We here at ladders online think we have seen it all. So what would make us look up at a roof top and stare in disbelief? This isn’t a cat ladder fail moment, because the people working on the roof tops were working well within HSE rules and regulations. But it’s not “what” he was working with; it was “what” he was eating with! Instead of a man styled steel or aluminium lunch box he produced a small but very distinctive looking briefcase! And worst of all his workmates have obviously got used to seeing this and didn’t batter an eye lid! So that is how we get to today’s blog.

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  1. Love these lunch boxes and love your blog. Reminds me of the TV show The Office…taking a subject that has potential to be a bit boring, but putting a spin on it so it’s anything but! Great work!


    • Thank you so, so much for those kind words. We are just trying to show people that a work/business/selling blog doesn’t have to be boring at all, and who knows it might make the internet a better place.


  2. what a fashainable way to upcycle!


  3. Love them all. Will admit hubby and I are geeks and I would love to get him the R2D2 one!


  4. The Nintendo lunch box is so cool! :)


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