Who invented the step ladder?

Who invented the step ladder? The Ladder Keeper!

Who invented the step ladder? The Ladder Keeper!

Q – Who was it that invented the step ladder and when?

A – John H. Balsley of Dayton, Ohio acquired the first U.S. step ladder patent in 1862. Although more antiquated step ladders existed prior to this time, Balsley’s invention included hinges at the top of the ladder, making it foldable for convenient storage.

And here is what wiki has to say “John H. Balsley (May 29, 1823 – March 12, 1895) was a master carpenter and inventor, inventing a practical folding wooden stepladder and receiving the first U.S. patent issued for a safety stepladder. He was born in Connellsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania to George H. and Sarah (Shallenberger) Balsley. His father was also a carpenter. An odd coincidence is that in the borough of Connellsville in 1825, a new borough office was created: Keeper of Ladders. The title of Ladder Keeper does not appear after 1831 (although there is a gap in records from 1835-1856). William Balsley, an uncle, was on the town council at the time the office was created. Although none of his family seems to have held this new office, one can only speculate whether it somehow stimulated an interest in ladders on the part of young John. John H. Balsley migrated to Dayton, Ohio before 1850.”

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  1. brinks-history says:

    Well now I know all about the ladder keeper, thank you.


  2. Great Blog well done, who knew access equipment going be so much fun!!!


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