Folding loft ladders: No origami skills required.

Now while I was looking for blogs and pictures of folding attic ladders I kept coming across various origami blogs about the ancient art of paper-folding. (You can easily see how Google got me to this point) But what you are looking at below isn’t paper folding. It’s something much, much more. Let’s take a drive all the way to Texas to meet paper Sculptors Allen & Patty Eckman They have been making these cast paper sculptures since the 1950’s! (Please note that this is NOT papier-mâché!) Each amazing work of art normally takes around 3-6 months and normally is in the style of Native American Indians or of things in that same time period. The cast paper that they use is similar to bronzing style of sculptures. But obviously even when these jaw dropping pieces of art are fully finished they don’t weight a lot and can normally be lifted in one hand. Except of course the much bigger works of art they make. Well I really do hope that you have enjoyed seeing this just as much as I have. And even knowing what I know now, I still find it hard to believe they are just little bits of paper placed into shape. I always found it hard to make a paper snow flake or plane let alone one of these!
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